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by Product area Recommended Release (14.0 FP1)


Hide details for  7.0.2 FP2 7.0.2 FP2
JUYA5ZYW56Fixed an intermittent http crash using Name Picker.
Hide details for  7.0.2 7.0.2
FLFL6HPBU6After merging two cells, the content of the cell changed to two lines. This problem has been fixed and was a regression introduced in...
FLFL6M8C58There is no longer a large empty space at the bottom of the "Change Notes ID Password" panel. This problem occurred only when using Firefox...
YHAO6MB63KFixed an unnecessary line appearing in some of the drop down lists when using Firefox.
YGLU6PWAE3Disabled dragging gesture for jump button.
KYOE6QA5KQThis fix removed monospace style from text area for IE plain text format. This regression was introduced in 7.0.
JKEY6NMFVRError: Unable to download file "xxxx.doc" received when trying to open an attachment in Domino Web Access. This regression was introduced in...
DYHG6CMG3PFixed a problem where Firefox browser was closed after installing an off-line subscription, going off-line and selecting the "Schedule...
SEGN6QQGRHFixed a crash when sending mail to be signed/encrypted, but no notesid in mailfile.
SDOY6Q9BLEAn attachment with accented characters no longer crashes Internet Explorer.
RAGG6KPS8ZFixed a browser hang which occurred after creating a new Mail, Todo or Notebook entry.
RAGG6KPSG7Switching the type of calendar entry caused a DWA warning in Firefox 1.5.
RAGG6KPSNXClosing a Calendar, Mail, Todo or Notepad entry caused a DWA warning in Firefox 1.5.
MCHG6JGDLEAdded support for Catalan in Domino Web Access.
SIHA6Q54JGFixed a problem where the alternate name could not be selected from the select addresses dialog on the rule edit window.
Hide details for  7.0.1 7.0.1
KMOA6CYELYFixed a problem where the Welcome Page edit layout window is too large and occupied almost the whole screen.
SLIU6E2CWYFixed a problem where multiple spaces are lost during Print Preview.
FLFL6E4AGQThe send update notice information prompt was displayed twice. This problem has been fixed in 7.0.1.
KEMG6FKUBPFixed a potential security issue.
KEMG6FKU9GFixed a potential security issue.
Hide details for  6.5.6 6.5.6
DWHR6JLMTZFixed a problem where mail messages which contained a stored form were not shown completely.
ASUH6MAFG4With this fix, a timeout handler was added for submitting forms. This was applied to the mail edit form, mail phone message edit form, appointment...
ATAI5SS9SKFixed a problem of not being able to download an attachment whose file name contained a percent sign "%".
DWHR6SNE3W"Save" right mouse menu is appended for the attachment.
KKOO6R5EMKFixed a problem where the edited attachment wasn't deleted when forwarding or replying with history.
KEMG6URKCCFixed a potential security issue.


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